Undertaker Books adds another “Rysing” star to the roster!

Undertaker Books is excited to announce that an agreement has been reached with Nadia Steven Rysing to publish her horror novella, Wilder Creatures, in November of this year. Wilder Creatures tells the story of Ruth MacGowan, a haunted young woman called back home to the frozen landscape of Grey County when her estranged brother, David, is found dead — but not just dead. Torn apart.

Once there, she’s confronted with the remnants of the family she left behind: her booze-soaked and homophobic mother, already widowed and now distraught with grief; two teenaged sisters in need of protection and guidance; the complicated legacy of her sainted father; and a farm full of animals that are now, by default, Ruth’s responsibility.

While all of that is more than enough to keep Ruth scrambling, there’s more. Shredded corpses are piling up in Grey County faster than the falling snow, and though the authorities are blaming wild animals, Ruth knows this is no mere bear wandering her woods. Her suspicions are confirmed when she meets a potential ally, who claims to have information on what exactly took David’s life.

Haunted by the memory of her brother, Ruth is desperate for answers and an end to the killings. Can she and this mysterious new friend stop further blood from being spilled? Or was Ruth doomed the moment she crossed the dead man’s threshold?”

Find out in November! Preorders will be available; stay tuned for news.

Nadia Steven Rysing (she/her) is a professional jack-of-all-trades living on the Haldimand Tract in Southwestern Ontario. Her work has been published in Abyss: Stories of Depth, Time, and Infinity (Orchid’s Lantern); FUTURES (Bell Press Anthologies); Black Telephone Magazine by CLASH BOOKS, and in many other journals and anthologies.

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