About Undertaker Books

Welcome to Undertaker Books, where our core values are integrity, professionalism, honesty, and transparency.

At Undertaker Books, our mission is to provide publishing services to indie authors worldwide, spotlighting new and unique voices within the realm of horror fiction. We strive to offer a seamless publishing journey from submission to publication while providing valuable feedback every step of the way.

We believe in collaboration between authors, publishers, editors, and designers to bring diverse voices to the forefront of the horror genre. Our passion lies in creating a long-lasting partnership with authors by focusing on the “less is more” concept: quality releases, not the quantity of them.

Undertaker Books is not limited to any specific theme or subgenre. Instead, we are dedicated to innovative storytelling and embracing the myriad voices that contribute to horror literature. To our readers, we hope to bring you stories you’ll take to your grave.

Joe Stout

President of Undertaker Books

Writes under the pen name D.L. Winchester and lives in the foothills of southern Appalachia. A former mortician, his work searches the darkness to find tales worth telling. He is the author of over three hundred obituaries, numerous short stories, and the upcoming Flash Fiction Collection “A Terrible Place.” In his spare time, he can be found searching for inspiration in the world around him and trying to keep his children from becoming the next generation of horror villains.

Rebecca Cuthbert

Editor-In-Chief of Undertaker Books

Rebecca writes dark fiction and poetry. Her books include In Memory of Exoskeletons (Alien Buddha Press), Creep This Way: How to Become a Horror Writer with 24 Tips to Get You Ghouling (Seamus & Nunzio Productions), and the forthcoming Self-Made Monsters (ABP). She comes to Undertaker with an MFA in Fiction from West Virginia University and an extensive background in editing and teaching. Some of her favorite subgenres and aesthetics are feminist horror, gothic thrillers, slipstream, dark fairy tales, eco horror, and ghost stories. For publications, events, news, and more, visit rebeccacuthbert.com

Cyan LeBlanc

Publisher of Undertaker Books

Cyan LeBlanc is a queer fiction novelist who began writing in 2008 in wide variety of genres including romance, erotica, thrillers, and most recently horror. They’ve focused solely writing Sapphic characters (women-loving-women) and stories, but there’s always with an underlying love story, even when the main character is a flesh hungry cannibal. Currently, Cyan lives with their wife and two furriors (cats) in Houston, Texas. For more information on Cyan’s works visit posiesandpeacocks.com