Undertaker Books is triply excited to announce we have reached an agreement with Kathleen Palm for a middle grade trilogy, with the first book in the series set for release in April of 2025. This is a milestone for us; not only is it our first trilogy contract, but it’s our first middle-grade contract, as well!

This is what Cat Voleur had to say about Kathleen’s work:

“There was just something really magical about this reading experience. The best way I can describe it is that it felt less like I was reading it for me, a cynical adult, and more like I was reading it to my younger self. It was a very healing experience for my inner child.”

Kathleen Palm wanted to be a ballerina (but dancing was hard), then a marine biologist (but science was hard). About eighteen years ago, she became a writer (which is hard, but she didn’t care). She loves scary movies, TV shows, and books, watching people play horror video games on YouTube, and chocolate cake. With her husband, two college kids, four cats and two dogs, she lives in a big, old (sadly not haunted) house in rural Indiana where she resists the urge to run through the killer-infested cornfields.

Look for more information next spring!

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