SIGNING ANNOUNCEMENT – Elizabeth Broadbent

Undertaker Books Signs Four-Book Deal with ‘House Author’ Elizabeth Broadbent

The folks at Undertaker Books were so happy with Elizabeth Broadbent’s debut—Southern Gothic novella Ink Vine—that they couldn’t stop with just one Broadbent banger. Nor could they stop at two, nor at three, nor at…

That’s right. Undertaker Books is over the moon to announce a FOUR-BOOK deal with Elizabeth Broadbent, with scheduled releases happening into 2026. Titles include Ninety-Eight Sabers, The Swamp Child, Bluefeather, and a not-yet-titled young adult novella.

It’s a big commitment on both sides, but as Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Cuthbert puts it, “We’re all in. Elizabeth Broadbent is the real deal—she writes beautiful, creepy, socially-relevant stories with prose that is nothing short of delicious. These are books people need to read.”

As for Broadbent, she’s excited about not just the press, but her publishing siblings—the other authors in Undertaker’s catalogue.

“Undertaker is an up-and-coming publisher with an all-star roster, and I’m thrilled to be part of a team with such an amazing editor, publishers, and authors.”

Broadbent’s specialty is Southern Gothic, and her stories deal with the pervasive effects of trauma.

“The real Southern horror is not some othered monster. It lives in our history, ancestral and personal, and to fix our broken places, we must confront it.”

Ninety-Eight Sabers will be the next Broadbent release, scheduled for November. What’s it about? Broadbent says “The Royal Tenenbaums on Skinwalker Ranch, but it’s a plantation,” and adds “Southern Gothic is about the pervasive nature of the past. Hence, time portal.”

Elizabeth Broadbent (she/her) left the South Carolina swamps for the Commonwealth of Virginia, where she fights bisexual erasure while living with her three sons and husband. She’s the author of Naked & Famous, Ink Vine (Undertaker Books), and Blood Cypress, coming in 2025 with Raw Dog Screaming Press. Her speculative fiction has appeared with HyphenPunk, Tales to Terrify, If There‘s Anyone Left, Peunumbric, and The Cafe Irreal, among others. During her long career as a journalist, her nonfiction appeared in places such as The Washington Post, Insider, and ADDitude Magazine.

Look for details about the release of Ninety-Eight Sabers, coming soon!

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