Coming Soon: “Silent Mine” by C.M. Saunders

Undertaker Books is thrilled to announce they have agreed to terms with author C.M. Saunders to publish his western horror novella, Silent Mine.

“As soon as I read the first page, I knew I wanted it,” project editor D.L. Winchester said. “I was looking for western horror, and Silent Mine was exactly what I was hoping to find.”

The novella follows the story of Dylan Decker, who goes west in search of a missing miner. Following his trail to Silent Mine, he ignores the warnings of locals to abandon his search. Will Dylan’s trip into Silent Mine cost him everything?

“I’ve always loved Western movies, from the classic Clint Eastwood flicks to Young Guns, and I was fascinated by the whole concept of the Wild West from an early age. It must have been so intoxicating to be in a strange place where everything from the elements and the land itself, to the wildlife and other people, all want to kill you. I also wanted to set a story in an era where there were no mobile phones,” CM Saunders said when we asked him the inspiration behind the book.

Silent Mine is scheduled to be published in August of 2024, by Undertaker Books.

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