Publish With Undertaker Books

Frequently Asked Questions

The information provided below is not meant to represent the final terms of any contract with us. This content is  intended to help familiarize you with our company and what you can expect when publishing with Undertaker Books. Productions and contracts may vary. The information below may be changed at any time.

1) How long does it take to review a submission?

Our goal is usually a month. It takes time to thoroughly review the submission and decide if the work is right for our brand. We will reach out if there is a delay of any kind.

2) What happens if my manuscript is accepted?

You will receive an acceptance email from us along with a contract for your review.

3) What happens after I sign my contract?

Once the signed contract has been returned, you will begin working with our team on the production process. This includes editing and marketing for both book and author.

4) do you market for me?

As part of our publishing process, we will work with you to develop a marketing plan. This plan will include a marketing budget, social media graphics, checklists and resources, and other details that will be unique to your release.

Your participation in marketing is essential to your book’s success. While readers may be interested in a book when they hear about it from us, they fall in love when they see an author’s passion for their own creation. By working together, we will make sure your book is marketed to the widest possible audience

5) How long will it take for my book to be published?

At Undertaker Books, we strive for quality over quantity, meaning we are working to put the best possible version of your book on readers’ shelves. No two books are the same, but in general, a book submitted in our Spring call will be published in the Fall (And Summer acceptances in Winter, and so on…).

6) Is every book edited in the same way?

Each manuscript is edited based on the author’s voice and style, which will be discussed between the author and the editor. Our goal is to publish the best work possible while respecting the author’s unique voice.

7) When will I find out the publication date of my book?

When the schedule is finalized for each quarter, authors will receive a confirmation of the publication date.

8) Will I have a say about my cover art?

Yes. A lot of times, authors have already worked with cover artists to choose the look they want to see. Others may ask for help creating a cover that represents their work. We have relationships with talented cover designers and will supply you with a few options based on your preferences. We want to make sure the cover reflects the genre, style, and tone of your book.

We DO NOT accept or use AI-generated cover art. If an author supplies a cover that we learn was created using AI, we will immediately remove their book from our sales platforms while we work to create a replacement cover.

9) Does UNDERTAKER BOOKS have a first options clause?

At this time, no. We hope that our dedication to the publishing of your books will allow us to cultivate and develop a long-term relationship together. We understand that authors submit to various submission calls within the community and do not wish to limit your visibility and creativity.

10) How will my book get to readers?

Undertaker Books uses wide distribution to allow the greatest possible range of visibility. Our books are listed in all major sales channels, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, Kobo, Overdrive, and Smashwords. We also sell eBooks and print books directly to readers.

11) May I post excerpts of my work online?

Of course. We encourage authors to self-promote, and will often include the use of excerpts in our marketing plan for your book. When deciding what excerpts to use, we recommend using the first chapter of your work, or a compelling scene.

12) How will I be paid for my book sales?

Each distribution outlet has their own turnaround times, with the first usually around the 60 day mark. While many other publishers distribute royalties quarterly, we believe the author needs to be paid in a timely manner. After the funds are disbursed to us, we will in turn pay the authors each month, usually around the 15th.

13) Does undertaker books offer an advance?

Not at this time. We are a royalty paying, full-service publisher. The author is not responsible for any production or publication costs. We absorb the costs of editing, marketing, and cover art (if needed) through our portion of the book’s income. Undertaker Books have an investment in your book, so we want to see you succeed.